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Yas Hontani: 

Yas was born in a small town called Takanezawa, Tochigi prefecture Japan. At the age of 17, he encountered an undeniable presence of God and ac- cepted Jesus Christ as his savior and lord. In 2006, he finished his study at Portland Bible College in Oregon and received the Bachelor of Church Music. In 2007, he started his career as a staff/faculty at Portland Bible College. He also has been function- ing as a musician development pastor of City Bible Church. He is one of founders of BridgeCity, a community of worshippers and songwriters. You can find BridgeCity’s music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all other major digital distributors. He is also a guitar lesson instructor, a recording artist, a producer, and a book author.

Ai Hontani: 

Ai was born in a pastor’s home in Gifu, Japan. She experienced church planting in Japan from an early age as a child of church planters. She has served her church until she left her home for studying abroad. She has done YWAM’s Youth With A Mission program in Switzerland, an Associate of Practical Theology from Christ For The Nations Institute, an Associate of Church Music and a Bachelor of Theology from Portland Bible College. She is an amazing wife and mother. She loves to care and serve those who God brings in her life.


Yas and Ai were actively involved in City Bible Church, in Portland, OR, for over a decade. In the last ten years, they led the Japanese ministry of City Bible Church together and served hundreds of Japanese people in the city of Portland. Their heart and vision is to build a vibrant church in Japan where people can experience God’s grace, rally in community and champion the cause of Christ together. They have two boys Leon and Luca.

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