Yas and Ai are a dynamic couple with creative giftings that would be unique in reaching the people of Saitama, Japan. Their heart for people and their desire to see the nation of Japan encounter Jesus and understand the Gospel are like no other. They are talented, they are called and they possess the character and leadership necessary to plant a church and pastor in Saitama. We believe they will work diligently to further the Gospel message. As their Lead Pastor I fully support and endorse the work laid out before them.

Marc Estes

Lead Pastor of City Bible Church, Portland, OR



Yas has been a proven and faithful leader, teacher, musician, and diligent servant during his time at City Bible Church and Portland Bible College, where I serve as an elder and member of the executive leadership team. With full endorsement I recommend Yas Hon- tani as a pastor and church planter. I believe his qualifications, gifting, and character will aid him in doing the work of Christ in Japan.

Derrill Corbin

Executive Pastor of City Bible Church, Portland OR
Former Lead Pastor/Founder of Life Center, Centralia WA